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Illustrate with a Limited Palette with Markers

My previous class was on creating a colored pencil portrait, and I touched on using markers in that class, so I wanted to expand on using markers exclusively to create illustrations. My last class was pretty long, so I want to make a quicker one. I'm focusing on students using only 3 markers + inking tools (brush pen, brush and ink, Microns, etc.) to create their illustrations.

My Class Topic:

Illustrate with a Limited Palette with Markers

Class Outline: Here

  • Class Description: Your assignment is to create an illustration of the subject of your choice using 3 markers plus an inking utensil. Be sure to allow your ink work to dry completely before laying down colors with markers! Explore what new colors you can create by layering your markers. You’ll be amazed at how many colors you can create with 3 markers. For more advanced creatives, try pulling your 3 colors out of a bag without looking!

Intro Video: HERE!

Publish: TBD


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