Rowan Lee-Foyster

Freelance Illustrator and M&S Retail Assistant



Illustrate a day in life of Ro!

Hello! My name is Ro and I graduated from a BA (Hons) in Illustration last summer :)

After seeing a fellow uni classmate had signed up to this class and I had a look, I thought this would be a good thing to try - I really need to learn more about Illustrator as I'm a complete beginner, and having no deadline means I can work at my own pace and fit it in around both my retail work and my illustration work! So I hope I can get really stuck into this when I can!

I have done two lists, for now (though I almost want to do both if I'm allowed!) - one for a typical day when I go to work and the other when I have a day off and my parents aren't home. The non-working day was much simpler to put together and fitting everything in, the other was a little harder even after taking away the extra detailed events, but I have made sure I included most of the same specific events that happen every day and that I think will make interesting and quirky symbols! 

Here is my Non-Working Day list, as it was the first I did, and right now I still prefer it:

As you can see, lots of little things (and the fact I am kind of lazy and takes me ages to get going with my art...), but so far in my head, the symbols appear more personal and interesting, and somewhat repetetive, showing a day that not much happens, but quite content. Also shows my process in a day when it's just me and my cat Mouse at home.

Here is the Working Day list:

This one I took more time to write down every little thing I did on a somewhat typical working day, yet my hours always change so it's always unpredictable. Cutting it down was tricky as I still wanted to keep it as faithful as possible to the other list with the things I do everyday but still wanting to fit in the main events - unfortunately the work events, especially tidying shoes, happen all over the place and frequently, which was a shame I couldn't do a loop effect, so I decided to choose a work day with a short shift so I finish for lunch and go home. I quite like the ideas for these symbols, again especially tidying shoes as I would like to capture the despair and frustration of picking up and re-organising the shoe section, but they do seem more organised somehow compared to the other list, but then work does that I guess - the time between coming home and going back to sleep is somewhat limited.

So there we have it! There are my two lists that I will be working from for the time being and will either decide to keep working on both or choose one of them. Looking forward to starting Unit 2 in the near future :)


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