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I'll laugh until my head comes off



Forget about what i wrote before, please. Those quotes were nice and sweet and i had no emotions about them. They were just ok and like nothing personal. I'll work on this one!


It's from Radiohead's song and i love those guys. The song is called Idioteque and it's about.. well, apocalypto. You might know how Tom York is about global envirement and as if there's a bunker in a song i suppose this song is about how it's all over. Imagine we've already ruined it all and it's our last hours maybe, and you already can do nothing to fix it. You, an adult man, watching small kids with no future climbing into a bunker and it's like "if i wasn't laughing i would cry". But crying is some sort of weakness and that laugh i imagine is an agry one. We've done all this to our planet, we can do nothing now. It's so stupid, right? And the phrase is HISTERIC, hurtful and it's a laugh of despair. This why this phrase ends like that. The song is rather quite and melancholic but this phrase... i want it to be angry. Cos it's how i feel it.

I'll upload my moodboard today. Sorry if i'm a bit late, we have about 12 hours difference and when you say "today" i can't be sure which day your're talking about ))


- angry - apocalypto - nuclear explosion - red and orange - framed "joy" - despair - smoke - cracks - rythm


Starting to think about red and orange colors for my lettering, because it can be colors of joy or fun but being framed in shape of explosion for example, slightly covered with smoke it becomes way more agressive and desperate because of that contrast. Like the laugh itself - it can have absolutely another meaning in frame of different situation. Also i kinda like the idea of head coming off literally but i have no idea how can i show it. Maybe.. the explsion in left bottom corner reminds me a face shape on it's top. It could be interesting. And yes, i choosed a nuclear explosion because first it's close to apocalyptic theme, but also laugh (ecpecially histeric one) is sort of explosion of our emotions. And also an explosion fits this quote great because, you know, it can be beautiful, it's like fireworks, but it's not so joyful, it's horrible - exactly like that laugh.



My favourite is the second one, so i'll start with it. It's a bit comic and i want those lines to be like those one mood goards, so the lettering style is comic too. It shows both explosion and histeric laugh. Also i draw some small screaming dude on the top of a half-head - it shows a person caring about global enviroment, so he's lonely because noone cares what he's screaming and he's so small because he hardly can do anything alone. The half-head could be some sort of planet, but i'm not sure - that's probably too much.

1 - the phrase in shape of explosion. It has rythm cos i wanted to show histeria and there're a lot of lines to make it more agressive or scary. Nightmare style

3 - two pieces on both pages. Laughing head and 3d lettering with cracks all aroung it. Maybe that's too.. too scary. That's not haloween we're talking about though...

4 - As i said explosion with a head on the top. Looks weird )

5 - Ruined brick wall with such a simple lettering like someone wrote it really fast - probably he was in a rush on his way to bunker, i don't know. I like the idea but i'm afraid it can be too boring for me to work on it, cos letters are too simle.

Colors palette is still - red, white, a bit of orange (+ yelllow?) and maybe a bit of black.


First i made a small research and made some moodboard again.


Previous one gave me a good feeling of what i'm going to do, but since i decided it should be more comic style i really needed something like this - i'm just not common with comics stuff and i was not sure about how exactly it should look.

Then i played a bit with thumbnails again (bot showing, it was really rough ^^) and draw this sketch:


So i added shoulders and neck after all. And I really don't want it to be symmetric. Also i wanted the right part to be absolutely black, kinda popup style. To compensate it I'm going to make black drop shadow in my lettering part and a black line framing each letter. It also looks common for comics style, so ) But i didn't draw it on my sketch. I don't think i should do it now - i saw some classes here and i suppose it's going to be an easy step in illustrator. so i don't see any reason to draw it right now. I draw a mole on a face - maybe it will make all even more imbalanced (histeric can't be balanced, right?)

Shards between lines and scratches/dots/reflects in letters - that all should be haotic. I draw some but i think i'll change its position while finalizing. Sketch is messy and have no colors, i can't say right now how is it going to be.

UPD: Oops, we're not going to trace it? I didn't watch the whole class first ) Okay, maybe i'll do that now. Or! It can be a bit easier while inking? i can use different size brushes then ))


Now when i watched almost all videos i made one more sketch with letters only:


First tried to make a double line but then realised there's no need in that. So i had two sketches - one with letters and one with doodles.


I used markers in that kind of paper where i knew it would bleed a bit.


Still need to add a small human on the top but i think i'm going to make it as a new layer because i don't want to ruin this work. And i didn't color backgraund yet, because i wanted to try something like this:


(also tried yellow lines on orange but meh.. it doesn't work)

Talking about good guy going crazy - look what i've just found!


Seems it's just a question of teeth.







First i draw two more sketches for a half-head. One (1) is just laughing, comics style and one (2) that even scares me. They shows different emotions and right now i can't say which one i like more. Then i made a background, i googled some tutorial, it's pretty easy to do in photoshop. And i made new black lines in illustrator using rotation tool, cos i wanted it to be more geometric (i cleaned it with eraser in photoshop later). I definetly like the 2 background more, but something about those black lines i don't really like. I decided just to take a pause and think about it tommorow morning. Also looking forward your feedback, it's always so useful!



I don't like it, it's too creepy ) Well, it's not my sryle, i'm more watercolor-butterflies girl, but it fits the idea now, and it's fantastic how far this project came. I've learnt a lot and the most important - i've learnt not to hurry up. As i mentioned earlier usually i do anything in one day, not giving myself enough time to think and research and now i know how wrong is that. Nothing is random in this work and i love it. Thank you, Mete, for your support and feedbacks, it was just great you always wrote back and huge thanks for not letting me finish my work fast with the first idea which came to my mind. During this workshop i did more then i knew how to do, more then i expected i will do and it was very exciting to work on.


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