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I'll be your Nessie if you'll be my Yeti

UPDATE 5: Welp, it's been six months. My BF and I just celebrated our year anniversary, so. But I finally got a Mac of my own, so no more having to go to my college's graphic design lab to get this stuff done! Below are two versions on the same outline. I kinda like the dual-color blue and gold version, mostly because the colored-in version looks slightly unbalanced somehow. Maybe I just need new colors.

Another difference with the blue/gold version is that I had to edit in Yeti's bottom teeth, because somehow him having an entirely gold mouth looked really strange. I guess this one deals with space/negative space a lot more, which I like.

What do you think? Which one looks better, and which colors should I use for the "colored-in" version?

UPDATE 4: FINALLY inked! It took a lot of tries, and it isn't perfect, but it's dang close. I used the .07 Uniball and .05 Pilot gel pens to get it to where I like it.

I know, I know, the bottom of the I is crooked and Nessie's neck is crooked. All part of the charm.

UPDATE 3: Ok, finalized the sketch. Just need to darken the lines on my pencil sketch, and it'll be ready for inking! I evened out the spacing, evened the curve of Nessie's back and generally fixed issues.

Pencil sketch:

And vectorized thanked to the app Genius Scan:

I realize now that the Yeti side will be much darker when inked. Somehow filling in the words "Nessie", "if" and "you'll" makes it more balanced, as in previous sketches below. Also, I think I will go without filling in Yeti's pawprints, the outline seems good enough.

On to inking! I think I will watch Mary Kate's vids one more time before I begin.

UPDATE 2: All right! Another sketch that's a little more abstract. I actually scanned it this time. And, I feel a lot better about it. Maybe Yeti's too furry? Hmm. Can always re-sketch. 

I spent the evening sketching my concept. How is it? Maybe I should try a different layout, it's a little busy...I was thinking of trying a circular format next...

UPDATE 1: Okay! On to thumbnails! I have a good idea of how I want this to look, but I kinda half-did some other thumbnails too. I like the corner one, because it sticks to my vision, but maybe I'll keep figuring it out..

ORIGINAL POST: I'm illustrating this phrase for my sixth month-iversary. My boyfriend and I have an ongoing joke that if we were creatures of lore, I would be the Loch Ness monster, and he would be a Yeti. I am a beginner to illustration and lettering, but hopefully with practice, I can achieve the look I'm going for.

Here are some warmups. Still learning the concepts of lettering, but I spent a lot of time tracing and going off of existing fonts. Maybe after a lot more practice, I can develop my own style, but for now...this. I want the Nessie part to definitely include the monster somehow, but "Yeti" can be more subtle.


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