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I'll be missing you! | Calligraphy practice

I had my first steps on Calligraphy World in 2010. At that time I practiced a lot to improve my skills. But, I didn't practice enough through the years. As times passed, instead of using the pen holder, the nib and the ink, I started playing with the brush pens like Tombow or Pitt because they are more easy to use and you can use it anywhere. To practice with the nib and ink you need time and space.

One of the reasons I joined this class is to get back to my old tools and enjoy some time practicing calligraphy. Other reason I chose this class, because I have a really traditional calligraphy basis and I wanted something fresh and modern. 

For my practice and final outcome, I used blue Speedball Calligraphy Ink and gold Winsor & Newton ink. I didn't use what Molly suggested just because I don't have it and all the materials I used was old stuff that I've already got in the past.

October 7, 2010

I started feeling the nib and the ink. Just drawing some straight lines to get comfortable with the tool. Then, I started drawing some letters, as I remembered them! And then, using Molly's template I played with the uppercase and lowercase. I practice a little bit the alphabet.

Then, I picked up a song that I like to write. My song is I'll be missing you, by Puff Daddy, that now is called Diddy! I liked that song, because it repeats the word every, and I think this is an opportunity to make the same word with different ornaments and flourishes. 

I wanted something more organic and fluid in my calligraphy, that's why I, inspired by Molly, made some dancing letters. 

With a pencil, I marked some ornaments I'd like to add in my calligraphy piece.

October 8, 2014

I've decided to use black paper and gold ink! I love this combination and it was an opportunity to use my Windsor and Newton ink. To be sincere, I didn't like too much the gold color. I mean, I've used a lot the black ink of this brand, but the gold is difficult, because you need to mix the ink time to time. And the nib get too dirty because of it. So, in the first trial I had several problems because the ink started to dry on my nib. 

I practiced in the black papers some times to understand how this kind of ink works in the paper. For my final work, I made the first phrase (every step I take), and then I cleaned up my nib, mix again my ink and then started the second phrase (every move I make). I did like this all quote long, because I understood, that this way I got more clean and great results. 

I still can see some mistakes on my work that I can make it better, but for now, I think I am on my way... It's a fact, I need to keep working, practicing my calligraphy to improve it. I think the ornament in you needs to be more delicated, and being critical about my work, make me realise that I got a long journey until I consider my work good.

I really liked Molly's work and class, and as she said, to create your own style and be good at it, you need to keep doing everyday. I hope I have enough time to practice more.

I liked her class, I think she explains really well the tools and how to use it, but I missed more explanation about how she create her layouts and a little bit more about composition, but as a beginner class, I think it is a great class!!


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