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I'll Be Here All Life


I decided that the word "all" doesn't really stand alone very well, and "I'll be here" should be kept together for readability, so I decided to try "I'll be here all" with a matching style.

I am really excited with my most recent iteration as I feel that I managed to capture the look of a retro neon sign. Take a look!

Obviously "LIFE" needs work - I'm trying to capture a marquee look for it, but I just focused on the neon lettering for now.


I struggled with the thumbnail portion of the assignment because I don't feel like I have the immediate creativity to try different options, nor the skill to do tons of different letters.

I did this sketch draft and, because I hadn't thought the thumbnail through, didn't think of the idea of adding dimension to the word life from above, as if it was lit by a spotlight, until it was "too late" - I'll play with that some more before adding it to my sketch. Also - I'm struggling with the word "all" - it's such a small word and it's not really the most important part of the phrase, so I'm considering doing "I'll be here all" in the deco "neon script," at an upward angle, and the word life alone in its own marquee font. But - I don't know how illustrative that will look... 

10/24/13 UPDATE

Here are some first sketches of the word "Life" - I went with a deco theme, inspired by the  Improv Comedy Club logo and the era of live performance, club life, marquees, etc. 

and here is my super-wonky serif. I was getting tired and lazy, obvs.


I'm working with the phrase "I'll be here all life," something I say jokingly to my (brand new) husband whenever I'm being extra funny (read: corny). We just got back from our honeymoon, so I said that phrase at least once a day, as I am always being funny (read: only to me). Obviously, it's a play on the phrase "I'll be here all night" said by a comedian when he's bombing, so my image is inspired by comedy, reto comedy posters, a stage with a brick wall with the name of the venue on it, the marquee lights, a micro phone, spotlight, etc.

Here are my related words:

Here's where I'm at with my mood board!

I'm considering the application of my image to be a retro comedy record cover.


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