Ignatus, the Airship Admiral [critique welcomed]

Ignatus, the Airship Admiral [critique welcomed] - student project

I'm working very hard to build a portfolio of work to start taking Concept Art contracts, so please be honest with your feedback! I want to hear it all, tear it up baby!


Update 2: Ignatus Color, 5/6/2020

I seriously cannot believe I completed this in 2 days, with a total of 5 hours work. Hardy you are a GOD, seriously thank you for sharing your knowledge. I can't wait to give back to others the way you've helped me.


Ignatus, the Airship Admiral [critique welcomed] - image 1 - student project


Thanks again Hardy for such an awesome course. I watched through most of it while working on other art, and am now coming back to follow along with the lessons.


Part 1: First project - sketch blog post:


That's it for now - again I'd love anyone's honest feedback, and if you like check me out on Artstation and connect - I'd love to have more art friends who are also on this journey of learning!


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