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Brittany Coyle

Designer + Illustrator



If you can dream it you can do it


Keeping them loose for now. I still want to stick with whimsical and maybe a dreamy feel to it. Hoping to make the cloud approach work in some tighter sketches.

Lettering Explorations

Playing around with some styles. I was suprised how much I liked the black letter look - evoked the original Disneyland logo to me. But I was thinking of more of a whimsical look for this so I may save this for later.

I selected a quote by Walt Disney. I'm a super huge Disney fan and love many of Walt's quotes but find as a designer I relate to this one particularly well. I'd like to create a poster that captures the whimsical nature that comes to mind when thinking about anything Disney related but more importantly capture the attention to detail anything that currently comes out of Disney has.

For inspiration I've collected some works by some Disney artists, Mary Blair illustrations, some 1950s tpye inspiration (a big time for Mary Blair work), vintage disney ads featuring great attention to typography, some open and loose type which I think works well for the quote itself and what it stands for, and some soft color palette references.


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