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Chanelle Y.

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If you aren't cute, you may as well be clever.

So many quotes, so little time! For this project, I was really looking for a quote that I could connect a personal narrative to. After hours of trying to pick the perfect one I ended up choosing two!  

1. If you aren't cute, you may as well be clever. David Sedari

As soon as I read this quote, I laughed. At that very moment, deep in research my dog who wanted a treat was trying to be cute, but it wasn't working. Determined, she took matters into her own paws and brought her treat container to me instead. I want to convey both the sweet and cunning personality of my dog through type. I thought this quote would work well as a tote maybe for Petco?

2. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1

I picked this quote because of my faith and also as a reflection of this year so far. It's been one of new beginnings, opportunities and challenges but through it all I see it as wonderful change. I've learned that the things we go through are never wasted and that beautiful things can still be brought forth from the rubble. We grow and come alive in the midsts of trouble. Eventually my goal is to create a series of posters building up to the entire verse. 

So there it is! I'm excited to begin. This class has forced me, in a good way, to do what I've put off for too long. Can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with.

Step 1: Clever Wordlist

Step 2: Moodboard - playful, bright, vintage, illustration, quirky

Step 3: Pick a Word, create in 10 styles. Sketch time! I chose the word cute because it forced me to try and capture the essence of the word within the different type styles. This was a great exercise that helped me to better distinguish the subtle differences. In addition to moodboard, I found inspiration from antique doggie soap tins/food packaging, collars, silly photos and butter - who knew!? I think I'll use 2-3 fonts from here. Comments welcome!

Step 4: On to sketching! In my initial layout sketches I explored with different shape possibilities. So far, I'm liking the fire hydrant and a second possiblity mix between the hot dog on the bottom with type from the fur textured layout. I think I'll sketch a few more before moving onto tighter sketches. I'm trying to decide if there's too many elements?

And some silly in-the-moment sketches:

Step 4: Beginning to refine these into cleaner/more defined layouts. For the top one I thought of a dog leash getting tangled and woven within the layout. For the second and third one, I picture this to be the more 'retro' layouts and incorporated poo ornaments.

Onto more refinements - thoughts and comments welcome!

Step 5: After a bunch of sketches and trying to merge both layouts, finally...the finished inked drawing. I also was inspired by a dog torn pillow with stuffing spilling out.

Saving coloring for the next class. Thank you to everyone who gave creative feedback, it was much appreciated!


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