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If whiskey don't...

I have spent the last couple of days trying to decide what phrase I am going to use and I was inspired by seeing a photo of the cover of the book Old Man Drinks. On the cover around the picture of the old man is the phrase "If whiskey don't kill, me I'll live til I die" and I really got a kick out of that so I decided to use it for this class. Of course I wouldn't be a good whiskey drinker if I didn't see this phrase and decide to start working on my project while drinking whiskey, so I sat down to start work and woke up in the morning and realized I had quoted the phrase incorrecctly (see the marked out section at the top of the page!) but yesterday and last night I went back and thought about it some more, corrected my mistake, etc and brainstormed some things that I think about when I think about whiskey and just came up with a bunch of thoughts on whiskey, so below is my brainstorming:

Whiskey Quote

And then after I spent my time brainstorming I headed off to Pinterest to begin pinning some whiskey inspiration. It was much easier than I had imagined to find some things. I was also glad I did not see this phrase come up in my searches (there were several repetitive ones, but not this one!) because I really didn't want to get my ideas mixed with something someone else had done. If you want to view my Pinterest inspiration board for whiskey click here and I have had a hand-lettering board on Pinterest too which you can view here, I also have a fonts board, and a illustration and drawings board which has some hand-lettered things on it too, and I am going to use these boards as inspiration for this project.

Now I'm off to start on section two and begin my project. I've got lots of videos to watch but I am anxious to begin!


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