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Raul Varela

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"If the river was whiskey"

Hi folks,

At last I had some time to start the project, I hope I reach a good ending!

I've been very obsessed with lettering and calligraphy lately and with american country music as well, and I found my sentence recently in a traditional folk song player by Frank Fairfield on his violin and it says:

"If the river was whiskey and I was a duck, I'd dive to the bottom, I'd never come up"

I know it may be a bit long, but there's the challenge, right?


So I started just writing the sentence as reference and started with the word map/list to help me sort my thoughts out.


Once I had the wordlist with many different words ready to jump in my mind, I selected a few of the best images that describes what I would be aiming for in this assignment. They're from many different great designers and hand letterers like Elly Walton, Mr Doodle, Katboy, Pavlov Visuals, among other I didn't include in this piece as Nathan Yoder, John Contino, Dave Coleman which I would say they are my main references and source of inspiration...and Mary Kate McDevitt of course!

This what I came up with, top half with color scheme references and bottom part only in black and white to focus more in the hand lettering style.


I also started with some basic sketches trying to sketch out a main layout and composition, nothing perfect came up, but I think I'm starting to be happy with some of the letters and styles I tried in here.

Feel free to give me your honest feedback as I will be changing this over and over until I get something to feel proud of.


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