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Andrea Velazquez

Doodling is a very serious matter.



If the path be beautiful, let us not ask where it leads.

For my project I chose "If the path be beautiful, let us not as where it leads" (quote by Anatole France). 

I tend to get really stressed out with the whole "what am I doing with my life" thing, so this quote always reminds me to be happy with where I am and love the process of getting to wherever I want to go. 

/// Key Imagery

I want my design to communicate a kind of serene feeling - that of patient and discovery/enjoyment of ones present and process of the journey VS the end goal. A couple of key words I highlited were: journey, discovery, consciousness, zen, sun/sunlight, dreamy, light/soft colors, and collage. 

/// Moodboard

With these words, I crafted my moodboard for the project. Although I started off with some very travel and dream-like images, I began getting drawn to vintage nautical imagery.

/// Experimenting With Lettering Styles

I chose to experiment with the word "beautiful." I definitely like how I can play with the curves and movement of a lot of the letters (particularly with the "a" and "f"). I'll likely be implementing some fancy serif and onamental handlettering in my design. 

/// Thumbnails

I started developing thumbnails, playing around with different illustrative imagery and ways I could play with the type. I tried a lot of different approaches, but in the end I ended up very drawn to the imagery of a boat. I liked the kind of serene, chill "go with the flow" symbolism that is usually accompanies with boats and the open sea. 

I continued to develop the imagery of the boat, experimenting with different perspectives and implementations of how the type could play with the illustration. 

Eventually, I got to liking the idea of showing a sailing boat within some kind of nautical frame and having the type surround the illustration, possibly playing with a kind of ribbon to provide some simple ornament. 

Eventually I got to a pretty nice idea of how I wanted the final sketch to look like.

/// Sketching

After sketching and playing with different layouts on my computer, I've ended up with four possible directions that I can move forward with. 


/// Color



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