If only this were "Horseshoes"

These are pics that I took - liked though they only came close to what I was trying to achieve and then only after dozens of crap and WTF shots. Used these because of the moment / motion captured (and they were easily accessed out of thousands of pics that I have that are in the "eh" category. I have a lot of noise issues  -

In these shots I would like to refine all aspects - be able to duplicate such aspects as I desire. I often blame my lack of high end camera equipment all the while knowing that it's total BS, that If I knew the basics in the form of applicable comprehension then I'd be able to achieve what I envison / or push the actual limits of my lens / camera. 

All feedback will be thoroughly loved - it's all good stuff to learn - my mood board follows...

A Brood of Moods:

Perspective and style

Tone and Lighting

Character and tone

What's underneath that which we perceive

Classic "subculture" caught in the act of time

The frame of isolation

Framing, what's in focus and the natural subtle pageantry (to me) of the subjects

All aspects of this shot

Setting and the tone / contrast

This is perfect

Love the atmosphere and the light - reminds me of DeVaughn Hughson's pic near the end of his mood board

This is a great subject and captured in a manner that escapes description - love it



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