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If karma doesn't hit you, I WILL. (pt. 2)

This is a continuation of my project from Mary Kate's first class. Now that I'm seeing how this whole process works, there are a lot of things that I will do differently the next time I sketch something out.


Here is my final, inked sketch from the first class.

STEPS 2 & 3

l couldn't quite understand which parts of my drawing that I needed to layer on separate pieces of the process of scanning things in was rather drawn out.

I forgot to take a screen shot of the black and white scanned/layered version, but here it is with some color added.

As you can see, I took out the lines in "I WILL" from my original sketch. I think this area will be a great place to add some fun texture. Same thing with the arrows--I couldn't figure out how I wanted to fill them in the first class!

Here are a few color options I'm playing with...which one do you like? I want to keep the primary color theme to go with my comic book look. My original plan was to have this design on a t-shirt, so I'm leaning towards a white background. However, I really like how it looks on the navy blue. The black background is neat too, but reminds me of the Las Vegas sign too much :) There are SO MANY ways I can play with the colors on this! It's hard to narrow it down.

The tricky part with the color is dealing with the little cloud shapes. They aren't closed shapes, so the inside color of the pow bubble needs to bleed out into them...if that makes any sense.


I took a break from all of the colors and revisited it again this morning. I've narrowed it down to these final two options...

I need the inside shape to stay white so the cloud shapes don't look weird. I think it just screams "comic book" on an all white background (which is what I'm going for), but it pops a lot more on the blue background. Thoughts?


My eye keeps getting drawn back to the blue background, so I'm going to go with those colors. I added a light blue into the KARMA cloud for some extra dimension. Can't wait to get started on texture!

STEPS 4 & 5

I had a lot of fun going through all of my old art supplies to create some neat patterns (pencils, charcoal, ink, etc.)

Adding texture was harder than I thought! Most of my ideas that I thought would be great didn't work so well once I scanned them in. I'm still happy with the results though. I went with more grungy textures to go with my theme.

My original plan from the beginning of this project was to have the image on a t-shirt, so that's why I left the background pretty plain.

...and just for fun, here it is on a t-shirt! Thanks for another fabulous class Mary Kate!! I can't wait to use everything I learned on a new project.


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