If everything is under control, you are not going fast enough

Alright, better late than never right? Does it matter that it's been what, a year that I originally took this class? :) 

So the quote I chose is in french "Si tout est sous contrôle vous n'allez pas assez vite" by Mario Andretti and it means "If everything is under control, you are not going fast enough."


Control: Gears, ruler, measuring, remote control, rope
Fast: Hare (The hare and the tortoise is a Fable from La Fontaine), motion blur, stop sign, F8

Style explorations

Visual inspiration

Thumbnails (very small, and few)


First try, not sure about the type for Control, or the background, it wouldn't stand on it's own. 

Made some standalone trees, used a serif for Control, tucked the characters behind the trees. I was really happy with this one so I inked it. 


Color tests

Final color choice

From here I need to do some textures and work on the final product :) I'm really impressed with myself though! 

Alright i used stock textures and it's not so great but it's cool anyways! Tweaked the colors a bit also! 


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