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If at the wedding Cover Sandra Lorenzo

I love editorial design. Layout is one of my favorite parts of being a graphic designer. And cover design is the most exciting and the harder part at the same time.

I took this course because I thought It would improve my skills and I was right.

It didn't came up with something completely new or unexpected, but the way it was told, the organized thought, the general outline , are simply terrific.

Peter Mendelsund has helped me to realize that I was on the right way and I only needed to be more methodical, to be in control of a creative process (sometimes chaotic).

You'll get better or equal results, but you'll direct the process and  it will be more thoughtful. You'll be able to present and defend your design.


1. Read, get some ideas about the meaning of the book/reading, write down notes

2. Sketches

3. Reject some of them. Choose 3

4. Made 3 cover samples.

5. Choose one on them. I chose the first one. It feels the second one's meaning wasn't very obvious, and the third one maybe a little creepy.

6. Wrap a book!

And that's all. I hope you like it and I look forward your feedback. Thank you,

Sandra Lorenzo


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