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If at the Wedding (at the Zoo) - Lydia Davis

I. The text is the suggested "If at the Wedding (at the Zoo)" by Lydia Davis.

II. Annotations: 

The reading made me think about the contingent nature of experience. About how subject to chance everything seems to be, and about episodes that seem to occur 'only if', in sequence and yet random. I thought of if/else programming statements and convergence of any set of elements. 

III. Sketches. 

I drew systems, sets, ensembles where each element somehow affects another. I began with cascading dominoes and went into Physics, like 'spring theory' and probability. In some skecths I distributed the letters at random locations on the page and assigned them numbers.

V. Final Design

I made a lay out that makes the eye travel around the page connecting the words to the bottom and back up again. The lines form an open #8 or infinity symbol for infinite possibility. I focused on the structure of the text as content. 


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