If a tree falls, does anyone see it freeze? | Skillshare Projects

Maddy B.




If a tree falls, does anyone see it freeze?

When I saw that this would be the assignment, I knew I wanted to use some of the pictures of ice that I have taken this winter.   I started with a tree that had fallen into the lake and frozen as the base and then tried to use pictures of ice overlaid in small boxes.  See the image below for my first try.  

I had two problems with this image.  First of all the ice squares felt forces and secondly, I didnt like the way that the squares were lining up in the overall image.  So I scrapped this version and started fresh. 

Because I was having trouble with the squares fitting into a  pattern that I liked in the rectangular image, I switched to triangles for the second go round.  I also decided to marry the ice image with the tree in a different way.  Instead of using the triangles as a way to display a different image, I used them as a way to go cut through the opaque overlaid image to the base layer.  Additionally I had been very focused on using the diagonal of the rectangle previously and this time, I didn't follow the lines of the basemap size and instead focused on centering the tree.  This proved to be more challenging than I anticipated because I hadnt fully centered the tree when I took the photograph so it was a challenge to marry the visual center with the physical bounds of the image. I like the final product because it clearly shows wintery scenes but because of the layered images, it almost looks like fluid water. 


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