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If Radiohead came to Buffalo...

Hello all,  I'm Sean from Buffalo, NY. My favorite band is Radiohead and I'd like to show my appreciation by attempting to design a poster for a fictitious concert in Buffalo.

Three things came together in my mind to inspire my design:

1) Radiohead is a very environmentally-conscious group.

2) Buffalo is home to, I believe, the first "urban wind farm" in the US. In other words, giant windmills on the city's shore.

3) Radiohead has 9 letters, which can be incorporated into 3 windmills.

I want to use the windmill as a symbol of the band's identity while tying the poster itself to a Buffalo event. Buffalo is a small city that is very proud of it's landmarks past and present. I hope to demonstrate that with this poster as well.

Some very crude, cut-off sketches...

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

2-14: One windmill rough scheme

Based on some feedback I received, I'm thinking one windmill will do a better job of communicating, instead of three. Here is "roughly" what I'd like to accomplish...

I'm thinking I may need to exaggerate the size of the blades in order for the audience to actually read the poster. Thoughts?

2-16: More One-windmill ideas

This one shows the band's name spelled out in LEDs (another 'energy-conscious' motif) with the whole composition lit by the stylized bear logo synonymous with Radiohead in the upper left.

Again, using the bear as the light source with a view showing more shadow. Going off of what was said about using the band's music for portraying the overall feel of the composition, I think more shadow would work better with the dark and sometimes disturbing music Radiohead plays...

Feedback greatly appreciated and, thanks for looking!


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