If Only I Could Draw

As always, these projects would be better if I could draw - AND if I ever gather the proper tools. SIGH!

I loved this class because the instructions were to not spend a lot of time - which I never seen to have anyway - on the assignment.

I had a little trouble coming up with a four panel idea. I started with an armadillo and couldn't make him look the way I wanted then I realized I was putting someone off in real life because I was absorbed in what I was doing so I went with that in a human. Here's the first draft.

If the shaking in my hands isn't superobvious, I'm happy.

The body shape didn't work for me so I shifted to more of a diamond,

Here's the pencil ready to be inked. There's no way I can draw this kind of thing in ink.My hands are too shaky.Anyway, it's like working a crossword puzzle in ink - which gives me another idea.. 

Here's the finished comic. I had gotten some new pencil sticks so I wanted to use them but part way into coloring I discovered fine lines were not that easy with them nor could I control color fill in around the eyes. Oh, well. His face color is a little patchy.Life goes on.

Thanks for a fun class, John.

Here's a rough sketch of an updated retry. What he's doing isn't really important, though I tried to put some buttons on the handheld game. (It would help if I knew what it looks like. Originally I had him reading a book, like me.) I took away the oh, well panel and just left his reaction to missing the cookie as the final.

You can also see the blue where I tried out my new "non photo blue" pencil. Obviously it showed up fine on my camera.

Will move on to armadillo while I await your comments.

Ok, Here's a rough draft of Danny the 'Dillo.

Since I had trouble drawing the background, it's just Danny and Andy on a blank page having a conversation. Maybe later I'll work on a highway and trees behind them.


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