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If Cats Could Talk,...

...THEY WOULDN'T. According to Nan Porter.

The animal of my choice is a cat, not because I'm a cat person (I'm really not), but because I find this quote quite amusing and think it'd be an interesting one to illustrate/letter.



Now, there are several directions I can take here, regarding the appearance and character of the cat (and they all fit the quote well ):

  •  indifferent, elegant, superior,...
  •  grumpy, lazy, not bothered,...
  •  playful, cheeky, stubborn,...
  •  clever, whimsical, sophisticated,...

...so  I gathered some cats to help me decide 



While sketching some rough thumbs, I decided on an organic, possibly cat-shaped format that can have various applications (print, t-shirt, mugs, etc.)



I like the simplicity of no.5, but decided to go with no.7. I feel it works well as a layout and puts emphasis on lettering, giving me more options to experiment with different lettering styles.


Lettering practice


I'm going to refine my chosen sketch and create several versions with different lettering styles and combinations. This might take a while...


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