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Idioms - 4 rough directions

Third post

I reworked the lines, made them less perfect
Removed the gray radial gradien in the sides of the dynamite, and inserd thin circle shapes
I reworked the colors and the black to fix exporting errors
Added some detail to the wires, so that they are not plain gray.
Added some background texture and shadow to make it less white

Made 2 versions, one with red numers on the clock and one with green numbers on the clock

I myself like the green numbers the best, because the help higlicht the point of action.
I attached both versions



Second post

I chose "down to the wire" as direction to go further with. The idea realy stuck to me.

I redid the brainstorm and word list and skeched some alternatives to this ideom.

After that I sketched and redefined the Dynamide version.

After some hand drawing attemps, I created the shapes in illustrator.
My plan is to pint, scan, distort or texturise to make it less clean.


attached some scans of steps in the proces

Word list








First post

Hi all, first of all English is not my native language.

I looked at an online Idiom list and wrote on paper around 20 idioms i liked.

A few of them alreade sparked some ideas, so that are the ones that I continued with.

01: Down the wire:
Word associations: Up/Down, Cord(wire), Last, Time, Just in Time, Close.

First sketches that came to mind


02: Great mids think a like.
Word association: Think cloud(with google inside), Push notification about a new thought (spammed to all phones)There is room for fun here

First skectches


03: Back to the drawing board
Word Association: Picture in Picture, Endless cycle, Never done, pencils/crayons, back (backside of human)

First Sketches


04: Get Over IT
Word association: Jumping, IT (ICT), Action, sport (hurdle or high jumping)

First sketches.



05: Off the record

Spare one

06: X marks the spot

Spare one

07: You cant judge a book by its cover.

Spare one

The first one (down to the wire) alredy grew on me, so I have the feeling that that will be the main choice.


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