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Adrian Doidge

Visual Communication Designer



Identity for French Boulangerie


I'm a recent design graduate and have been slowly picking up small clients as a work the 9 to 5 in the hospitality industry and simultaneously look for a junior role. I started this project as a way of motivating myself to fullfill a very particular brief for a client who owns and runs a very successful French artisan bakery out of my home city of Brisbane. The company/bakery is called Crust and Co.

They are certain of what they are looking for, having requested that the logo be applied through the use of a stamp, that the lettering be both vintage and enclosed within an oval shape, That it be neat and clean while also having an antique effect, even that it should be brown with a particular kind of background effect.


Well, after doing a few sketches I decided to start this program to get some more inspiration, I'll be uploading images of my process and progress along the way.

Please give feedback, both negative and positive - as all is helpfull.


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