Ideation: Laying The Groundwork worksheet

Ideation: Laying The Groundwork worksheet - student project

Please excuse the cheezy picture for my project. You can't create one without an image so I just used any old thing...

Just to recap:

I am working on self branding for my personal identity and portfolio website which I will be using as a self marketing tool.

My goals for research are to ascertain what are my strengths as an Art Director for interactive media.
The purpose of my project is to sell myself as such.

Implications of the research from the previous assignment:

• No mention of the awards that have been won on projects that I played a key role in

• Having stayed at one place could be spun in a negative or positive way.

• How do I show "thinking outside the box" as a quality?

• I don't want to come across as limited to working on kid's properties.

• I have a vast amount of work to pick from, in terms of how I want to represent my brand.

• My brand needs to show that I am more than just an art director.


Here is the current assignment worksheet filled out:

1. In one year, what do you want your brand to be known for?

• 10 years of experience (well 11 by then I suppose) and the work to show for it

• Being an award winning art director

• Being an asset to a project

• Doing work in the entertainment and cultural spheres

• Talents that extend beyond the digital interactive field into illustration and fine art

• Unique in my thought process (this is how I interpreted "thinks outside the box")

• Process orientated

• The ability to take a project to the next level

• Having a good understanding of technology

2. The people who love your brand most care about:

• If I work well in a team

• If I am employable

• If I can make a valuable contribution to a business

• If I am cutting edge and modern/with the times

• Efficiency and competence

• If I have enough of the right experience for their needs

• Talent

• Ability/Skills

3. Your brand is NOT:

• Corporate

• Boring

• Predictable

• Pedestrian

• Cookie cutter

4. Above all else, your brand stands for:

• Uniqueness

• Quality

• Integrity

• Creativity

• Taste

• Craftmanship

• Innovation

• Personality