Okay, essay ideas:

1. Hospital sacrilege: My husband spent the better part of a month in a coma about a year and a half ago, during which I basically lived in the hospital. My best friend used to visit me there and we would spend hours hiding away from the doctors and nosy family members in the small chapel downstairs. Neither of us are religious, but we'd write angry notes to The Universe and leave them in a prayer bowl with everyone else's letters to god. I guess it doesn't sound funny in the conventional ha-ha sort of way, but we came up with some pretty snarky letters to put in that bowl.

2. An essay on aphasia: So my husband has aphasia (as the result of his stroke, which preceded the aforementioned coma) which means that he can't speak normally. Everything he says just sort of comes out as gibberish. For instance, he went through a phase where he called me Salad (I guess that's just the word that got stuck in his head), and we've had conversations where he's only able to say the names of colors. I could focus on one specific conversation (of which I have plenty to draw from) or maybe talk about a few. Or possibly the ridiculousness of aphasia in general. 

3. A brief guide to public behavior and personal space awareness: Reading some of the other prompt ideas about public transportation and dealing with strangers reminded me about all of the awkward interactions that I've had with strangers manhandling or badgering me for personal information. I know this happens to lots of other people, including but not limited to pregnant women, women in general, people with tattoos, people with different-colored hair or piercings, people with small children... basically anyone who looks even mildly interesting or friendly. So I'm entertaining the idea of writing a short guide detailing how not to be a douchebag in public.  Not sure if this has already been done to death yet, but it sounds funny in my head.