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Ideas for my very own Plussle Studios toys :)

I'm John Berry (Plussle) born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. My fascination with designer toys started abour 2 years ago when I saw my first designer toy when I stumbled onto I imediately fell in love with all of them. At that time I was in a really weird place in my life tryna figure out what I really want to do with my life. So this year I started my own company Plussle Studios with my overal goal is to be producing designer toys and other pieces of artwork and clothing. No medium being overlooked.

I been really playing around with my little sketchbook thinking of ideas from way back. No general direction but heres some I drew up just to show my terrible drawing skills haha.

This drawing is actually very important to what I sketched up later on. Kind of creepy isnt it? I still like it none the less.

This one I really love. Can you guess where that face came from? I'll give you a clue... Its yellow.... :P

Had this idea to do a cute little boy kinda toy design with a nautical theme. I hated this sketch but im showing the good and the bad I guess. But this gave me the idea for my next sketch so I have to show this :)

Ok so this is where my project focus been thus far and im so happy how far its coming along. So basicly I was on the train going home and saw this guy kind of acting like a French mime. Instantly I thought it would be so awesome to mix in a French mime as a cute little school boy kind of look with the hat and all. Going back at some of my old drawings I fine tuned little details that I thought worked well as well as taking some reference pics from google of the mime n some different hats.


It all came down to this drawing. I feel like its a well enough design to think about making in three dimentional form. So this is my obsession right now. AKA get this bad boy good to go clean. P.S. (if you didnt read my story on the top) the word berry comes from my last name. 

Sooooooo... from that sketch I worked on it for hours on Illustrator and finally came up with a nice clean vector version. 

Its really getting there. Definetely did not realize how much work it would be to do every possible angle. I have a couple more angles I have to do -___- Its being a pain in the butt but its looking great so far. Its simple but a design I like. Of course its subject to change and probably will slightly but for now what you see is what you get. Give me feedback please. I always love some thought. Need help with color anyway.


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