Ideas are a churning!

I signed up for this class months ago and finally have the time and energy to pursue writing.  That being said, this is all very new and I would greatly appreciate feedback on which idea would be best to continue the course with.  I will do my best to provide feedback to others as well!

Essay Ideas:

1. "Just Another Dumb Blonde" - This idea would explore the trials and tribulations of being a blonde in DC, while proving some wrong (I swear I am not completely dumb) and tricking others into thinking I am something I am not, a Republican.

2. "On Exchange" - Living abroad for the first time as an American exchange student, allows the young adults of today to have a chance to be someone they are not.  The studious, ambitious, by the book me had no idea that life in Sweden would change me!

3. "Makeup" - Moving to DC has taught me a lot of things, but I never thought I would become comfortable with not wearing foundation to work.  Not that I wear a lot of makeup anyway, but let me tell you - walking to work in the 90 degree temperatures with 80% humidity and makeup tends to create more of a "my boyfriend just broke up with me, I am a hot mess and I just want to eat ice cream for breakfast" look. 

Thanks for taking the time to read through my ideas!  


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