Ideas and Thoughts with More than Words.

Ideas and Thoughts with More than Words. - student project

I write things down. I have for years, but pictures, that's new. I don't use pictures to think through things, or organize them, so this is a challenge. 


I found myself hiding behind humor for the first one. And as you can see, Bellaluna thought I was full of it with my little funny ideas on resilience, hear you ROAR, Mom!

Ideas and Thoughts with More than Words. - image 1 - student project

And I followed directions, looking for hard things that toughened me up, perhaps, over the years. But, that isn't what resilience is for me. It isn't a list of all the bad things that I got past, or the sad things that I had to experience. Resilience for me is what things helped me to not only survive something, but thrive. And those things aren't always bad. Divorce isn't what made me resilient. Standing up for myself and my own happiness, and making it to the other side if something difficult, is, doing it WELL.  Growth can happen in so many ways, but I found for me it was the often support behind an event, or where I go to recharge, that makes me resilient, not just slamming through something horrible. Not always, things like being an only child were, in themselves, builders of resilience.


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Bellaluna didn't sit on this one. I guess I did it to her satisfaction. And, in the end, I did think a LOT while working with a chart instead of a paragraph, and I thought differently. Which was great!


Next up, heart and brain.

Imposter Syndrome is SUCH a thing. I've worked in glass since 2004, took my first metalsmithing class in 2006. And I still think I am a total hack, and everyone can see it in my work.


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Today is a rough day to be adding Gratitude. There is something I want very much, VERY much, and I will get the answer today. I am trying to not hope, so that I am not disappointed, while I know that not having hope isn't helpful.  So, it is distracting to have other things to be grateful for, while I wait for the answer to something that is beyond my control, and I have done everything I can to make happen. Ideas and Thoughts with More than Words. - image 4 - student project

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