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Antonino Giordano

Ideas and Characters



Ideas and Characters by Antonino

NAME: Ideas and Characters 

SLOGAN: "Attract Good"

About: My brand is based on design and the creation of things to better the world. Whether it be clothes, film, or product design, I make things to tell stories, spark new ideas, and to attract good.




Theme: Island Boy

Concept: The concept of this collection is to express my culture. My culture is a European island style mixed with Californian roots. I attempted to make this collection mainly based on my "Island Boy" style but with a new fashion. I've took ideas from the style of an old school european island boy and made them modern. The Plaid Paperboy Cap and Retro Soccer Jersey are a few examples of this.

Decision: My decision for this collection is to not only express my style but to show my creativity and how I want to evolve and combine styles to make new ones. The Towel Hood and Invisible Button Up are a few examples of this.


Brown Plaid Paperboy Cap

-Fabric: Flannel, 100% cotton

-Prints: Brown Plaid, Papyrus Denim

Invisible Button Up

-Fabric: Stretch Twill, 100% cotton

-Colors: White

South Italy Crewneck

-Fabric: Crewneck Fleece, 100% cotton

-Colors: White


Towel Hood

-Fabric: 100% Terry Cotton

-Colors: White, Yellow

Retro Soccer Jersey

-Fabric: 100% Polyester

-Colors: Blue, Black


Blue Water Bucket Hat

Fabric: 100% cotton

Prints: Blue Water, Sunset Watercolor

Toni7 Island Vibes

Fabric: 100% cotton

Colors: Ash Gray


Extra Credit


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