Ideal Client Persona: Alberto

Ideal Client Persona: Alberto - student project

I created this persona from a template I found online. According to the logo in the upper right hand corner, the source is stormid, whatever that may be.

Of the six descriptive factors around the outside, for my marketing purposes, the four most important factors are:

  • Independent bookkeeper In business less than 1 year
  • MBA,  passionate life-long learner
  • Works from home office in a downtown condo
  • Strengths: bright, resourceful, personable

These factors tell me that Alberto's business needs are at a beginner level. However, given the fact that he has an MBA and also a passionate life-long learner, there is no need to dumb down my marketing messages. He can probably understand and process complex ideas and concepts.

Working from a home office, he lacks the company and support of a like-minded colleagues. This means that through my marketing and my services,  I can help him leverage his strengths in order to connect with and benefit from a network of like-minded supportive people.



Larry Easto
Best-Selling Writer