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Idea to Iteration ( Mobile App Experience Design)


I'm Duke and I am a product designer primarily in the digital and consumer products space. I've observed people express the difficulty with designing a mobile app from the core and this class will showcase how and why the process is so iterative. Considering people think that the design startes on the computer, some often forget that the real magic happens during the evaluation and the sketching phase. This course is broken down to give you tips along the way to ensure that you get some of the best ideas out fast. 

  1. Class Details - Discuss details about the class structure, define the project & provide info on how ppl can engage and give feedback. 
  2. Define Goals - Share the type of project and user goals. File set up for computer.
  3. Lo-Fi Sketch - Process of ideation and basic sketching of concept and direction. Show how pics can be interactive. 
  4. Mid-Level Sketches (on paper) - Refinement of initial sketches. Communicate intent and key selling point. 
  5. Hi-Fi Sketch on Device Paper - (Clean-up) Validate direction and prep for digital approach 
  6. Wireframe approach - Digitize on SketchApp for wireframe. 
  7. Document approach
  8. Project Wrap Up


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