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Idea for new surface pattern design

Update: Class is link

Idea for new class.
I would like to ask for opinion. The idea is to make a class about painted motifs that are already in a composition like on a painting or in art journal and how to make tossed repeat surface pattern design in Photoshop?
What do you think.
I would show how to work with a little bit complex motifs...and how to use the freshness of handmade composition even after we make a tossed repeat.



Update: New class just published ....Paper painting with Coffee and Ink.

I'm super exited about this class, but hey I'm always....this time I did ask my kids to help, so this is a little different class. I didn't decide yet, what front cover should I maybe I will change it latter.


See you there...Mik.

Update: I did just publish new class ....Surface Pattern - Sketchy Mock-up Design

My favorite topic Inky Interior Sketches changed into a Mock-up design, and I'm super exited about it. After all this is my first class with compute screen editing and hey I did explain how and what to do in Photoshop with my English....yes, you need to be brave to get that class. But hey, it is fun, that I could promise.


Update: It's published....Inking & Watercolour Secrets of Interior Sketching

Hi,I would like to get some feedback if you have time to watch the introduction video for my new class.

I did have a new idea, I really like to play with ink and watercolors...and I did start doing my interior sketches from photos, and I was think to just make s short class to show my process.
Now every time I see a good photo of a nice place I want to draw it and it's so easy and enjoyable process. The think I like about it, that even the perspective is off, this drawings have a feel, a soul and they are just exited to being seen.

Do you have any suggestions for the class?



Shirt redesign – jumpsuit New recycled project I'm working on....jumpsuit made from man shirt....I did just publish it and I'm tired from all that editing and voice over work....and super glad I did do all the hard work. Now I hope I will get those 25 students soon enough. It's just too hot right now to play with jeans, and jeans could wait for colder days.
UPDATE: I need just one more student. Just one, and I have just one day time for it.


Should I use a photo like this for the cover or the sketch that I did make transformation of the shirt itself?

And one more idea for the class I was just start to play with....I was hooked in a day when I start to play with. It's contemporary ring - jewellery making with just basic tools and how to start even if you don't have almost any tools at all. Contemporary fun aluminum jewellery, from a newbie perspective.

I mean I'm jobless industrial designer, so I'm maybe not total newbie in design itself, but newbie in working with metal, I am. could be interested, and there is a few things I want to show. Like preparing a work-space, basic tools, just one or two. Start playing with design itself, and at the end doing the piece.
This would be simple short class.



Idea for my next class. I would like to recycle some jeans pants in to a dress, on a drees form - manequen.

I did make similar stuff in the past, but this was just an appron project. But my friend so like her appron, that she use it for a promotion when she promote her work (she make wooden fishes), and because the appron is made on a manequen it's really good shaped.
What do you think about the idea, reuse jeans pants in to a dress on a dress form. I will admit, I plan to do this for myself, because it's so cold her and jeans dress would worm me up.
Do you think I will get 25 students in two weeks, so that class will go live in too the future?

I havemore ideas for making new classes, and I did want to ask if this sound like interested class project or not.
Thanks in advance if you will take time and read my question.

MY third class: Surface Pattern Design – Paint Your Sneakers!

I will need to admit, it's freaking hard to get those 25 students in. I don't know do I really have too simple classes, that nobody don't need they or want them?

The promotion part is so scary and without any results really.

I did publish this class two days ago, and I did get 11 students. Yep, just 11. So it look like this class is not in demand? I did publish the free promotion code, and I did use Facebook, Twitter Instagram, and even YouTube. I did have publish the intro video on YouTube too.
Do you have any suggestions what else could I do?

And then the second question. Last time I did manage to have some more students in the class, and nobody didn't publish his work in to the gallery, so my galleries are empty....and even bigger question is how to help the class that peoples will come in and take it even after those first two weeks?

Did I really so missed the topic, that the class is just not interested?

I would really like to make some more video classes, but what is the good topic to do? DIY sewing, is this any better topic? Or leather jewellery or do I really need to make a class for a graphic design….

Is it possible that my three classes are too similar?



Unique surface design wearables


I will just describe all the videos what's in them, so you will get closer look of this class.

  • Wearable ART: I will present my background projects, so you will see how this technique is versatile and useful in different finished projects, like bags and similar.
  • Fabric recycle curved patchwork: It's super fun and easy technique that you could use it just itself in some different project (you will see my project skirt just in this technique) ... it's gorgeous skirt in black and blue with exposed seams....promise, you will want something that unique in your closet.
  • Background painting with painted doodles: super easy and fun and you won't be frustrated if this is your first time painting session, because you will enjoy in it and have a lot of fun doing it.
  • Free Motion Doodle Stitch: for me this is the ice toping, so fun it is and it give every project nice and fun graphic contrasted element.
  • Finishing Sewing: for our free form pattern skirt. I think you will use this experience in your different project too.

A little bit about me: I work as self-employed pattern maker-designer a.k.a. Tutorial Girl. I design everything from shoes to clothes and bags … anything I need that I can’t find. I recycle a lot of old jeans into a new hand painted and free motion stitched surface patterns, so my designs are a little bit more personal to me. I have a big wish to become a surface pattern designer someday and the last few years I’m the happiest if my hands are covered with paint. I’ve never grown up and I still live like DIY person.

Confession: PS I will admit, my English is not my best side of me, but I do sew super cute stuff and I think all the videos will explain everything much better than I could even in my native speaking language Slovenian. I hope this won't be a big no, no for this class, because all the videos have subtitles too, so you could even turn the volume off.

I will admit, I'm really proud of this class of mine, because everything is explain nice and easy and the video is the best possible quality that I could do it (by myself). So I really hope you will enjoy in it, and most important that you will be inspire and make something new for yourself.

I didn’t want to spend too much your time for watching so the video is edited fast on the parts that are fun to see but don’t needed to be in real time so you will have more time for creating instead.

I think if you will use this video class just for the inspiration for your future project you will get good comments on your work and maybe even some PLEAS DO IT FOR ME TOO...comments.

Because we all like to learn from others I can't wait for you to share your process photos or your finished work, and please make close up photos too. We will all be inspired from each outer and that is a good thing.

Thanks again to play in with me, I really appreciate it.


I just have a nice news. I did start with a little bith shorter class for the first time, and I did make a voice over too. That was the biggest challenge for me.
The class is caled Free Motion Doodle Stitch or Painted and Stitched Surface Design, and I aready have first two students. Happy me. So if you want to join me here is a link

I did learn a lot. Like how stupid it could feel being in front of the camera. How hard it is to make a video and you are one man band for everything and how messy is my space. And I did place that on the video.
Most important I did survive the voice over part.

So if you like to paint and stich, this is a short DIY project and I did demonstrate how to make a plant bucket.

PS thanks for this class, I did get a few advice for the next one. But still I will finished the Wearable art class too.

My second class for this month - link for class introduction video:

My second class for this month - link to the class Hand Painted Free Motion Stitched Surface Design on Wearable Art .... it's finished, published and all that. I still need to make a project sample in the gallery, but hey I do have 3 students, in and I did just publish it. I'm super exited about this class, and that voice over work is done. YEY.


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