Idea + Execution (Updated)

Sorry for the delay. It took a minute to process how I felt about the shoot and then figure out how to write about it. I'm still not there, yet, but...

This was such an amazing experience. It was a challenge and scary and fun. There were disappointments and rough patches, but I'm proud of how I handled things. Even when I was frustrated, flustered and/or confused, I moved the shoot forward. Building the connection with my subject, losing it to distractions and reconnecting again led to interesting stuff. 

It's kinda wild to recognize a shift while it's happening. I got so much more than images from those 30 short minutes. I'm eager to figure out the things I don't know, instead of being daunted by them.  I'm excited to give myself permission to explore and be patient and create.

I believe in my voice and I will champion it to the grave.

Here are the images, pre-post.

(Did a quick test a few days before the actual shoot. Thought there was a break in the rain. Yeah, notsomuch.)


So, I've been thinking a lot about men and the ways they are allowed/choose to be and be seen. It's what I want to explore.


Steve McQueen's Hunger is not only an amazing film, but visually striking.  I keep coming back to it as a reference. I'm reminded how a slight shift in how I see the everyday things around me, can make them beautiful. {This screen shot does not do it justice. It's available to stream on netflix.}

Malick Sidibe {This is just...}

William Klein

{This is one of my favorite photographs. It's bold and badass. Full of vulnerability, strength, a wave of calm and an air of serenity.}

William Eggleston


I want to keep putting fascinating faces to a variety of emotions and experiences. Committing to work harder than I ever have. Doing it better with each shoot and shooting much more often.


I want to challenge myself to not leave everything up to chance.  To shoot with intention, a person and a plan.

Currently... Inspired by...

Images of Brasilian artist, Criolo

Images of Yasiin Bey...

[Constantly] Inspired by... The world through the eyes and lens one of my favorite photographers, B+

I try to capture color and texture...


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