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Icy Falls

I enjoyed the class and it taught me a few things about Lightroom that I didn't know and also reminded me of a few features I really should be using more.

So my photo perhaps isn't the greatest landscape shot I could have chosen, but it's one that I used to demonstrate a few of the techniques a bit more. This was the original photo, a view of Niagara Falls on the Canada side from a holiday 2 years ago:


Very under exposed, it's got a messy top to it with a bit of a dull, boring background and it's just generally a bit yuck, but it had some potential to enphasise the cold feeling and the detail in the branches. I thought the greens of the water needed emphasising too as they are great colour and don't do what I remember justice.

So the first thing I did was correct the exposure. I used the sliders for the Blacks and Whites and the Alt key to see where they clipped. This was one feature I keep forgetting to use and it allows much great control.

I adjusted the white balance. I didn't want to take it to the blue colours like we saw in the class, as I liked the greens of the water, so I kept the snow white (without the seven dwarves) and used the HSL palette to bump up the greens a little in the saturation panel.

I added some sharpening and using another feature I keep forgetting about, I adjusted the sharpening mask to only affect the bush and some of the edges. I really must remember to use that more!

Lastly, I added a few exposure gradient filters to try and bring out a little more detail in the lower left hand side and also the bottom right too.

This was a pretty quick edit and it's amazing what a few extra minutes can do to improve what would normally be a throw away image.


Feedback is appreciated.

Yes, it was really really cold!!


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