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Icons for mINFORMANT and Proverbs Reference

I am a programmer and previously just put an icon together for my Android app Proverbs Reference

but i took this class to improve on it. And to get better at design in general. Here is my previous icon. 

Here is my moodboard for the new design

here is the final icon

I am also redoing the icon for an app that I am working on called mINFORMANT. I am doing that icon according to Apple guidlines. Here is my existing attempt at an icon. I was given mostly negative feedback because it is apparently more of an illustration than an icon. 

For the redesign I am simpliying down to an icon with a detective. Here is my moodboard for that project. 

Which inspired the aesthetic for the brand. Here is an implementation on a social network

As you can see in the tweet, I previously wanted to partner with a designer. Because of classes like these I think I will be able to get by for a while. What do you think?

Anyways, here is the updated logo for mINFORMANT for iOS

If you would like to be a part of the beta for mINFORMANT please contact me at [email protected]

And please come join the conversation on Facebook. 


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