Icons for a custom men's clothing shop

Icons for a custom men's clothing shop - student project

I'm excited to spend more time with this class and this project. I'm currently working on a project for a men's clothing store that does custom suits and shirts called The Bespoke Edge. I think some really unique, custom looking icons would be a great fit. 

I was suprised how helpful it was to create an idea web. Since there are so many clothing options and styles and situations where you might wear a suit, it was fun to think of different ideas. I didn't really know where I could use these icons in my project, but halfway through brainstorming I got the idea of making icons to describe what matching options a particular product could have. (ie. casual shirt: could have icons of what would match, shoes, jacket, tie, interview, wedding, going out). 

Icons for a custom men's clothing shop - image 1 - student project

I'll upload some sketches soon.