Icons for IKEA!

I began this project before I came across Adam's workshop on how to design an icon set, yet it was perfect timing to come across this when it came time to putting my sketches to the screen!

To begin my first web portfolio of design work, I wanted to come up with an icon set for one of my favorite brands, IKEA.  Because they offer a world of possibilities with interior design made available for the masses, I thought that their website could use a makeover to match.  With their only icons available through their "departments" link (in the USA site version), I figured that it would be a great place to start consolidating and revamping the style for each part of the home.  

I pulled all the categories there were and started to narrow down what sections could be blended together to make things easier for the customer to view the site.  For example, "food", "cooking", and "kitchen" could be lumped together, as more subcategories could be further explored when delving after a "kitchen" page.  The number of categories went from 21 down to 15.

Next, I wrote a word list for each of the categories of all things that I think of.  I then crossed off items that overlaped into other rooms, or at least things that IKEA did not sell on their site. For example, a toilet is unique to the bathroom, though IKEA does not sell any porcelain ponies. 

Once the list was narrowed down, I started sketching as many thumbnails for each category.  I also looked around the IKEA site for distincitive furniture pieces to preserve the styles that people would recognize with each icon if it was possible. I then circled the final pieces and moved into working directly with Illustrator!

Here is the final product... I had a lot of fun creating the different rooms and I look forward to getting feedback!



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