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Icons A La Carte

I am currently working on an app for restaurants to manage their online presence. In many ways, it is an a la carte service where restaurants and pick and order individual products that they want/need, so the idea of small, individual icons that work alone or in groups came up.

The app is called BISTRO, and I want to give it a playful vibe. The two main inspirational sources I have right now is the Eames House of Cards (picked up a box at a thrift store last week) and these few photos of enjoyable French Bistros. 

I think that the style can be extremely playful (in the spirit of the Eames) while still teaching the user about the product at various stages. Keeping with the a la carte idea, I want to find a way to combine or separate the icons for individual uses. 


Photos of inspiration

Wonderful colors in everything that Ray did

So much play for something as simple as a coat rack

Of course it is easy to love the chairs, but I really want to see what I can do with these colors

Simple joys and ease that I hope to convey

In the end, the product has to help them engage with their customers

Love the colored awnings

I hope that the inspiration isn't too disparate. Will definitely be taking advice from anyone about how to connect the two concepts in to a useful set of icons. 


Mind Map


Will upload sketches very soon.

Thank you!  – Andy Stone


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