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Iconic Tiles of Tahoe

I thought for a long time about what I would like to do for this project.  At first I thought I would do birds in different environments....I love animals and nature.  I started writing down ideas in a mind map.  I had made zillions of these laser cut wood panels so I thought I would make scenes to fit in them.  But then I started thinking about  our stained glass art deco lamp, and thought it would be fun to do something with simple borders.  I really love the colors of the lamp in my idea board, and all the decorative things we have in our cabin near Tahoe.  Soon, I decided to make squares with borders with designs depicting scenes from the Tahoe area and animals.  I limited my colors to the palette shown below, but because I used transparent overlays and different blending modes, and few other colors were added. I have done paintings of places around Tahoe which are on the idea board, but I also included a design by another artist.  I love Dominic's geometric shapes and all of his wonderful designs, but I really like using irregular shapes.  However, I created the irregular shapes (eg the tree branches) in a more disciplined way, by slicing up circles, and I think this resulted in a cleaner look than if I had simply handdrawn them. I really appreciate all I learned from this course, and I know all these techniques and principles will be very useful to me in the future!

I would love any suggestions on how to improve these.  I was thinking of adding texture to the designs and printing them up as mini canvases or cards.

I decided to add shading and elements to make the designs more fun, so here is the latest version.


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