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Paolo Bianchi

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Icon for fun

I tried to pick some of the themes that intereset me the most and some I thought would be fun to draw.

I won't explain my icons right now, just to see what are the feedbacks. I think it's a great idea to let other people tell you what they see in your work.

So please let me know guys what you think these icons are.

Talking about the process, I found really hard to focus on just three topics. I started tinkering with many different ideas and couldn't decide which one to follow.



In the drawing phase with Illustrator I got really stuck on the robot (took me forever to get something could live with). What the teacher shows in the video is really true, when you think of an icon you wan to add as many details as possible, but then you'll have to simplify to make it easy to understand (not sure which one I got right on this).

So here is the result...


Hope to hear some feedback soon.

Ciao ciao,



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