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Kendall Herdelin

student at the University of Louisville



Icon draw

With a little revision and some feed back here is my 2nd version. let me know what you think!


So this is my first draft of my full icon set. Im happy with these basic icons, but they still needs some fine tunning. Let me know what you think.

As well as a designer I am a ceramic potter. I chose this Icon as my favoirte because it was the most challenging icon for me to create.

Here are the 20 sketches including the shot at iconic and narrative styles. Let me know what you think!

summer grind

I recently started work for the summer as a design intern so this is my daily routine for the next couple of months

1. wake up
2. brush teeth
3. get dressed
4. drive to work
5. drink coffee
6. Check email/facebook
7. work
8. eat lunch
9. drink more coffee
10. work
11. drive home
12. change
13. eat snack
14. drive to the studio
15. throw on the wheel ( I make pottery as well as design)
16. drive home
17. play video games/watch netflix/xbox
18. brush teeth
19. shower
20. sleep


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