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Ich drücke dir die Daumen

I started the project by simply doing a sketch note of the class.

When came the picking the idiom part, I decided to do a german one (since I am a brazilian living in Berlin, I thought it would be appropriated to get closer to the language I am learning. 


Out of the different idioms, I decided to use the "Ich drücke dir die Daumen" (I press my thumbs for you) because I hear it more often than the others. It means, to wish someone luck (like "I cross my fingers").

When came the word list, I start playing with the english reading of the german words like: Drücke = Drink or Daumen = Damen. Also with the meaning of "drücken" that can be "press" or "print".

I have to say, my favorite one was "Ich drücke die Damen", but it kind of misses the point.

I decided to go for the "print a thumb" idea.


I did some iterations. I was between an old printer (that carries the "press" more obviously) and a normal inkjet. And also if the thumb picture would be like a lotery card (to bring the luck aspect). 

I decided to use the cleanest version. I added the lettering in the composition and used Adobe Illustration App for iPad for colours and finalization.



Since I did th eclass in a train, I had to use my iPad to finalize the drawing. I could not explore the texture. It will happens on a next iteration.


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