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Iceland Horse

I've chosen the iceland horse as the subject to this class project. These are the references that I'm working with so far:




So far I've made the sketch:


I've changed a bit the sketch before scanning, not really happy with the hair but I'll go with it.

Basic shapes:


That was my first try. Didn't really like much, I felt it was too crowded for a horse. Their fur are too smooth, so I tried a more subtle approach. 


Next step is doing a little more textures and shadows. I am researching icelading folk art so I could blend in as tiny textures.

UPDATE: I tried to do some textures and some details, but was thinking the simpler the better. I decided just doing a couple of things. I made the hair symmetric and played a little bit with gradients, did a little round frame and that's it. I believe this is will be the final one.



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