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Laura Vanderwel

Graphic Designer


5 for Mobile

Unit 1 - Project Plan



"Visual organization for creative minds. The perfect place in the cloud for your daily research, projects and online inspiration. Collect and organize websites, pictures, text, notes, files. Enjoy your research again!"

MOBILE GOAL (still in beta) operates much like pinterest, but without the sharing & social aspects. Its a private web inspiration board, to allow you to collect images, notes, and files in a group. I use the site to collect and comment on inspiration for certain projects, visual resources for the future, and basically anything I have no interest in sharing with anyone else. The site does not have a mobile counterpart, and I’ve missed it greatly. Using my phone is the easiest way to keep my inspiration boards mobile, and the full site UI is almost impossible to use at that size. 

Goal: to bring the private, simple collections a user has created on into the mobile viewing platform for the main purpose of reference.

Features the mobile site should include are: 

  • display all icebergs (boards)
  • display all individual items in the iceberg with comments
  • link to item home
  • allow for updates to profile (email and password)
  • share iceberg on facebook/via email
  • delete item
  • ability to add notes to iceberg
  • search within an iceberg

Features that won’t be included are: 

  • the ability to upload files 
  • the ability to bookmark a website
  • add new files from the web
  • highlight an item (make it appear larger than the others)

Target Users: 

  • graphic designers
  • interior/fashion designers
  • painters
  • web developers
  • photographers
  • familiar with web
  • visually oriented - will appreciate the look & feel as well as function

Unit 2

Wireframe Designs (PDF)

Unit 3 - Photoshop Design Comps





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