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Ice Station - Matthew Reilly

UPDATE 1 - 16th NOV 2013

I started out thinking I might use the letter R (for Reilly obviously), however I just couldnt get going on any concepts. So instead I'm using an S. The main character in this book is named Scarecrow, and as he appears in a few more books I figured I could end up doing a different S for each book. 

Concept 1

The book revoles around an incident in a remote Anatartic research station. Scarecrow is part of a team that goes to the station to investigate... and chaos follows. The station is built into the ice, and there is a big scene involving an iceburg. Some characters (spoiler alert) are also killed by Orcas (killer whales). So thats what inspired this first sketch. Iceburg meets killer whale. 

Concept 2

The second sketch is a direct reference to the name Scarecrow. The character recieved his nickname after and incident in which his eyes were both cut with a razor. A long scar that goes from the eyebrow, over the eye to the cheek. Hence the name, Scarecrow. 

Any feedback is appreciated!


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