Ice Sculpture Festival-Take Two

Ice Sculpture Festival-Take Two - student project

Didn't get the time to go for BONUS points with the storyboard but I think the second project went well...I love the keyboard shortcuts, audition feature and although I only used it more for the practice than anything, I think the "Create Storyline" feature will come in handy with larger edits.

I can't believe I've missed out on so many timesavers till now.


Final Project

I had a few time was a major, I was unable to use the 30sec rough cut that I downloaded from Vimeo and by the sounds of things, I too struggled with color correction as many others did. However, I did persevere with what I had and that's what you get. 

I'm thinking that maybe there is a simpler system available for color correction, the '4 puck' method that FCPX offers is truely a struggle to adjust color...there has to be an easier method.