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Ice Ice..Safety?

.01 Anna Hodgson

Currently working and living in New York. I'm a designer for a small branding studio and do start (reseach, design strategy) to finish (prototyping, wireframing, visual design) for a range of brands and digital products. Heart is in data visualization...and riding my bike and Bayern Munich.

.02 Plane

I chose the B757-200 as that is the plane that since the 1990s makes up the Iceland Air fleet. It's a medium range, narrow bodied that debut lower community noise than regulations as well as smoother curves in its interior visual aesthetic. This version of the 757 is the most popular ever made. It looks like this: 

And some of their safety cards look like this: 

.03 Ugly Sketches


One of the initial ideas was to have a 3 section front and back side card. The front side would be the exterior of the plane in an ideal flight (sunny, warm colors) and each section take off, in flight and landing with detailed "pull outs" of safety rules in the plane. 
The back side being the same layout but with the safety rules incase of emergency.

Second initial idea was to have an illustrated outline of the plane from above that followed a similar structure as the first - details and rules depending on the phases of the flights (take off/landing, in flight and incase of emergency.

Third idea came from the destination flight patterns of Iceland Air (below.) I also would like to design this in the way that it could easily be animated (soon everything will be on screens anyway and there will be no safety cards) as well as keeping the ink v. data ratio as balanced as possible. Perhaps still using a 3 "scene" (take off/landing, in flight, incase of emergency) set up having the plane's location corresponding with a set of icons below highlighting the safety rules.

.04 Inspiration

Still working on this section but I was sifting through some of these images - starting with Icelandic related to data related references:


Iceland Air destinations from Reykjavik

Reykjavik airport from above - love that shape. 

Volcanic rivers in Iceland.

N. Felton for the color and clean lines. What if it moved?

Clean lines. Shows the structure and that's it. Beautiful.

Detailed circles of process - to visualized the stages of a flight and then use the detailed shots to describe the regulations. 

Similar idea here but could separate the stages out in 3 rows and highlight details from there for an enlongated document. 

06. Time for some pretty sketches!

Trying to get a good feel for the 757-200 and cut as many details as possible. Also kind of digging this neutral color palette even though it's not very Iceland Air.

Some progress work on the plane, the flight patterns with the plane (thinking about animation) and the take off icons. Having a little trouble with the personal-items-under-the-seat..The chair seems to look ugly no matter what I do to it.. Here they are again:


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