Ice Festival Final

Ice Festival Final - student project

Week 3 Final:

Final edit inclusive of all elements, color grading and audio optimization. I found the Kevin interview footage difficult to grade -no matter what I did, I was unhappy with the result. For me, grading was the most time consuming and challenging aspect of the program.

Great class! Exceeded my expectations - learned so much about FCPX in three weeks...

Looking forward to Motion!

Ice Festival Final - image 1 - student project

Week 2:

This week was a challenge with so much material but the videos were greatly instructive. Didn't have time for a placeholder project in addition to the assignment.

I chose to build out from last week's project and expand on the festival theme...

Had a great deal of fun finding music which to me enhanced the magical and dramatic quality of the footage. Chose to carry it through to keep a consistent flow. Sound adjustments in parts were tricky.

Titles were a bit fiddly to work with. Also had fun carrying the theme and festival branding through these elements. I generally prefer subtle transitions and effects but I just enjoyed myself here, experimenting in an attempt to convey the almost magical quality of the carvers' work.

Ice Festival Final - image 2 - student project

Week 1: