Ice Festival Final + Week 1 & 2

Ice Festival Final + Week 1 & 2 - student project

Week 3

Here is my final project. (At time posting this Vimeo was still encoding. March 21 at 5:09pm Central time)

A few notes

1. I hate color correcting. I need my Wacom tablet and lightroom to really get in there and correct. 

2. I liked the re-timing of clips. I used a slow and a fast retime on some of the clips at the end. Played a bit with freeze frames but did not use any in the final project.

3. I took my week 2 video and added some more interview and B-Roll in to get my final project.

4. Finally used a compound clip to get my week 1 project in this one. 

5. I feel more confident about audio transitions which was one of my biggest problems in week 1. Still need practise making it smoother but I feel much better about it!

Screen Cap from this week:

Ice Festival Final + Week 1 & 2 - image 1 - student project

Week 2

Here is my video (though at time of updating Vimeo was still encoding it.)

My process: I kept the length about the same though I started the project over. I did bring in elements from last week but as a whole this was a new project. I found the videos very informative and had to watch a few of them a couple of times to get the points.

A few more points:

1. This week was much harder. Not because of the new features but using the footage to create a new story.

2. I was not crazy about editing the audio and not even sure if I did it right. Tried to keep levels betwen -12 and -6 through whole project. In the one clip with Eric I used the background noise remover and I am not even sure if it helped.

3. I am not really a big effect person so I only added 'Bokeh Random' to the two end clips with the ice and fire. 

4. I did not use a compound clip but I can see how that would be very helpful if adding an effect to a whole story and many other uses.

Here is my screen cap.

Ice Festival Final + Week 1 & 2 - image 2 - student project


Week 1

Ice Festival Final + Week 1 & 2 - image 3 - student project

Video: There are some rough transitions in here that I could not quite iron out.

Reba Baskett

Nashville Creative