Ice Festival Final Cut - Week 3


Vimeo Link: http://vimeo.com/62572738

Lot's of tweaks, changes..you know the drill.  I learned A LOT during this class thanks to Andrew and my  fellow classmates and was able to incorporate what I learned into my final cut this week. 

After this class, I think I'm enjoying editing and will look for opportunities to practice on some more footage.

Final Timeline

Splitscreen Compound Clip (Learning about the "Video Animation" menu really sped up my keyframing and enabled me to be more creative with the effects!)

Let me know what you think.

- steve



I procrastinated a bit for this weeks lesson, but wish I hadn't after creative ideas started to flow Friday.
My thought for this mini-doc was to briefly show the 3 Master Ice Sculptors and their work with soundbites. There was a lot of footage I didn't use, good as it was, for that reason. It was fun though.

Vimeo Link:  http://vimeo.com/61984874

I changed the color of my opening, gave it more of a "cold" look.

I wanted to create a split screen effect from scratch, at first I wasn't sure how to do it, it stretched me for sure...

 My week 2 final timeline.  I experimented with using a gap for the last part.  I liked the ability to move clips and audio around a little more freely.

Music was the last thing I added, and I don't know about anyone else, but for me it took awhile to pick the right music :)

I've already enjoyed learning from many of your ideas and techniques from watching your edits, thanks alot.

- steve


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